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Nature is kind and merciful to Pallahara. Without nature, it would not have been what it is today. With nature, it has become a scenic piece of picture on earth. Nurtured by the sylvan river MANKADA, clad with dense forests, leaping falls and murmuring streams., it usually plays echo-friendly games with its flora and fauna as if to keep it free from dreadful pollution of the neighboring industrial cities As a Sub-Division it extends as far as “MALYAGIRI” the third highest mountain of Orissa. The Malyagiri is to Pallahara what the Himalayas are to India It enjoys the pride & glory of catching the nature-loving eyes of the poets in general and the world-famous poet Radhanath Roy in particular. As a pas­sionate lover of nature, Radhanath Roy, the immortal, epach-mak­ing poet, held its name in high esteem in his magnum opus. “RADHANATH GRANTHABALI”. Its huge forests with their wide leafy avenues afforded great opportunities for the devout soul to wander peacefully through them, dream strange dreams and brust forth into joyous songs World-weary men go out on pilgrimage to these scenes of nature, acquire inward peace, listening to the rush of winds and torrents the music of birds and leaves, and return whole of heart and fresh in spirit.

Gone are the days when Pallahara was destined to be an isolated and neglected place. It had no facility for direct commu­nication with Cuttack and Bhubaneswar due to lack of a bridge across the river BRAMHANI It was as if a dark cave surrounded with deep and dark natural barriers. As a result, it passed through a long period of darkness in the field of education. In order to dis­pel the darkness, the people of Pallahara proposed to open a Col­lege At last their dream was translated into reality on 25th July 1979, and on their soil appeared the long-awaited ray of light in the form of a College to cater to the needs of higher education among the rural youth in general and youth of the locality in particular. Impressed and inspired by the har­monious and echo-friendly living of the flora and fauna in the bosom of Malyagiri, the mute witness of socio-cultural heritage of Pallahara, people loving and affectionately named the newborn College “MALYAGIRI MAHAVIDYALAYA”.

Needless to say, the history of the Malyagiri Mahavidyalaya is the history of the people living throughout the length and breadth of this locality. They live, as we observe, a very simple, innocent, harmonious and natural life. Since time immemorial, nature has become the main source of their earning to keep their bodies and souls to­gether. They are unable to cope with the march of the modern civilization of material plenty. They are destined to live from hand to mouth and hence the majority of the local populace lives below the pov­erty line. Their poverty beggars description. To add more, every nook and corner of the Sub-Division is sparsely inhabited and domi­nated by tribal populace. So, there has been persistent demand from the people for the declaration of the Sub-Division as a tribal one.

Initially, the college Malyagiri Mahavidyalaya was started in “Sarat Chandra Club”. Meanwhile, the patrons, the enthusiasts, the local intellects and dignitaries started searching for an ideal location for the con­struction of the permanent building of the college. In course of time, their searching eyes fell on an ideal sylvan surrounding. It is there that the permanent College building stands on a spacious cam­pus beside NH-6, eagerly looking, on the front, at the loftiest mountain of Malyagiri for her inspiration to reach the pinnacle of psychic excellence in academic sphere and sprawling out, at the back, into the flora and fauna of Rani Park and the river MANKADA with an atmosphere highly conducive to teaching and learning.

Let us open the pages of the chapter of the official progress of our College that has taken place from time to time. To begin with, Government of Orissa and the Utkal University accorded recognition and affiliation to this college for opening of intermediate in Arts with strength of 64 seats from the session 1980-81. Subsequently the strength was enhanced to 128 from the season 1988-89. Affiliation & recognition were accorded to the College for opening degree classes from the season 1984-85. Intermediate courses were converted to +2 courses from 1983-84. The 2-year degree course in Arts was converted to 3-year degree course from 1985-86. Honours teaching facilities in Political Science & history were accorded from the season 1992-93.

Affiliation was accorded by the Council of higher Secondary Education, Orissa to open Science Stream with Physics, Chemistry, Math & Biology from session 1993-94.

Last but not the least , the college obtained Government concurrence and University affiliation for opening of +3 Science Streams from the season 2000-01. Much water has flowed in the river Mankada since then.

In course of time, it has grown into a full-fledged Degree College with Arts & Science Streams and Honours teaching facilities. Malyagiri Mahavidyalaya is now a growing institution having  a well furnished Library with the facilities of self-financing Computer courses.

To complete the story, it would not be out of place to fondly cherish the memories of the untiring and selfless efforts of some benevolent and magnanimous locals but for whose toil, tear and sacrifice this, Institution would not have grown into what it is today.

We are in the process of providing solutions for their student education problems like proper enrollment, full access of education and their right to quality of education in neighborhood college.