Vision and Mission

Our Slogan


The Slogan of the college “SATYA MEBA JAYATE” as enshrined on the basement of the insignia means “THE VICTORY OF TRUTH” which acts as a guiding force for all the members of the staff & students of the institution.


“To Become A Friend , Philosopher & Guide of the Region by Incessantly Dispelling Ignorance And Inculcating Self-Confidence & Knowledge.”

Mission Statement


  • To promote Qualitative Higher Education through Dedication and Honest Labor.
  • To generate opportunities for Employment and Community development.
  • To develop a Platform for access to the World of Information.
  • To train youth to get involved in Socio-Economic growth of the region & lead a Decent Life.
  • To promote a Sense of Gender Equality & to introspect the Needs of the Weaker Section with Sympathy.



Our Goals



  1. Promote Quality Higher Education:-

The College cherishes a goal of providing quality educational programmes , services and opportunities for successful completion of degrees.

  1. Dedication & Honest Labour:-

The teachers & employees put their head & soul together to enhance and enrich the standard of the students.

  1. Opportunities for Employment:-

The College prepares students with educational foundation , knowledge  & skills to face the challenges of the 21st century.

  1. Community development:-

The NSS , Red-Cross  , Scout & Guide etc. of the College extend helping hands to the rural poor of the periphery by organizing vacational camps.

  1. Platform for Access:-

The College trains all students to be skilled & competent to enter the world of internet and avail the world of books.

  1. Train the Youth:-

The College trains the youth to develop a work force allied with socio-economic empowerment.

  1. Decent Life :-

The College teaches the sermon “Honesty bears a beautiful face ”.

  1. Gender Equality:-

The coeducation does not allow dichotomy between male & female in any field.

  1. Needs of weaker sections:-

The College collaborates with NGOs & GOs  of the area for economic development of densely populated ST ,SC &  OBC & disadvantage groups.



OUR Core Values:-



  • Dedication:- We are dedicated to realize the dreams.
  • Equality:-We don’t differentiate man & woman , poor & rich, caste & creed.
  • Stable:-  We are stable to introspect.
  • Confident:- We are confident to achieve the goal.
  • Secure:- We provide security to all whoever comes under our umbrella.
  • Access:- We provide access to the educational
  • Comfort:- We provide comfort in the campus.



College Crest :

The Insignia of our College displays the name of the college on a circular path, adjacent to the emblem of the insignia. It has been named after the famous legendary mountain THE MALYAGIRI”, a perennial source of inspiration for walking higher to the highest and better to the best. The emblem is designed in four segments, separated by two crossed lines. The lamp at the apex symbolizes the light of wisdom that dispels the darkness of ignorance, heralds the light of knowledge and enlightenment and opens opportunities for the eternal quest for knowledge and truth. The open book at the button epitomises dissemination of knowledge & wisdom which the College inculcates in its countless scholars. The bullocks with ploughman on the left point to the agrarian base of economy of the local people who toil from dawn to dusk to witness “GREEN REVOLUTION” on their soil. The famous legendary mountain, “THE MALYAGIRI” on the right , goes to suggest the reach forest resources of the region. It also goes to remind us the sylvan setting of our college which sings the eternal song ” A thing of beauty is joy for ever”. Our insignia, in a nutshell, is a conglomeration of nature, economy, knowledge and wisdom along with the ideal of truth.

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